Photoshop Effects - Dotted String

This is not an effect but a technique to make a dotted string; it is a very useful feature. We will explore the Brushes menu. It is a small source of utilities.

Go to the Window menu: Window>Show Brushes, It will open a window as below. In the upper right corner there is an arrow; click on it and on the New Brush.

ef8a.gif (4673 bytes)

Clicking New Brush... a window will open as bellow. Copy the coordinates that were placed there for the new Brush.

ef8b.gif (12587 bytes)

1 Diameters of the Brush - 2 Solids of the Brush - 3 Controls the space among the points - 4 Angles of the Brush - 5 Forms of the Brush - 6 Also controls the form of the Brush.

So, your new Brush has been created and is ready to be used.

ef8c.gif (4733 bytes)

Here are some examples of dotted strings made with the new tip

ef8d.gif (1474 bytes)

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