Photoshop Effects - Aura

I'm a kind of sea environment fan. When I saw the photo of this clown I thought about using it in this effect. My idea was to surround the small fish with the aura effect. But, what should I do with the Anemone Tentacles? It is difficult, isn't it?

ef7a.gif (32815 bytes)

In the tool bar select the Polygon Lasso Tool. With this tool giving small clicks select the tentacles of Anemone as in the example below.

ef7b.gif (31161 bytes)

Now, in the Edit menu: Edit>Copy and Edit>Paste. You have just created a new Layer as you have attached the small fish. In Window: Window>Show Layers select Background.

In the tool bar select the Pen Tool and give small clicks around it thus creating a Path as in the example below.

ef7c.gif (32851 bytes)

Go to the Path window (that) you have just created. Can you see how easy it is?

ef7i.gif (2309 bytes)

Press the arrow on the upper right corner and click on Make Selection. A selection that surrounds the Path is created. Now, click on the Turn off Path. The Path does not appear any more.

Now, in the Edit menu: Edit>Copy and Edit>Paste, and another Layer is created.

In the Path window click on the Work Path and your Path is activated again. In the standard color icon invert the colors. So, it becomes white in the front and black in the background.

Now, paint the small fish in white color as in the example below. Don't worry with the Anemone Tentacles.

ef7d.gif (19268 bytes)

Click on the Airbrush Tool twice and open its window. In the sliding control mark 50 and select Screen in the Mode list.

Now, in Window: Window>Show Brushes, select brush of n 35. In the Select menu: Select>Inverse, to invert the selection.

In the Path window click on the Stroke Path icon, once. This icon is in the lower right corner of the window. Now, a white aura surrounds the small fish.

ef7e.gif (24779 bytes)

Still in the path, click on the small arrow and delete the path. You will not need this Path any more.

In the Layer menu: Layers>Arrange>Bring you the Front. Use this tool to arrange the Layers as in the example below.

ef7f.gif (8425 bytes)

The task is finally ready. Wasn't it worth? Try to repeat this effect with different objects.

ef7h.gif (37390 bytes)

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