Photoshop Effects - Sphere

Here I am going to describe a quite simple technique to create a sphere with some effects. Go to the File menu: File>New and create a new file RGB of 5x5 cm with black background.

In the tool bar select the Elliptical Marquee Tool and draw a circle.

ef6a.gif (2271 bytes)

In the icon of the Standard Colors in the tool bar select blue for the background and white for the front.

ef6g.gif (376 bytes)

Still in the tool bar select the Radial Gradient Tool.

ef6b.gif (3528 bytes)

Move the mouse inside the circle for two centimeters starting with the upper right corner and finish at the lower left corner. You must have created something quite similar to the example bellow. The blue part of the picture should remain selected until the end of the task.

ef6c.gif (6099 bytes)

Go to the Filter menu: Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur with 9 Radius and click on Ok.

ef6d.gif (10369 bytes)

With the effect just applied your task must be quite similar to the example below.

ef6e.gif (10553 bytes)

Now, the final retouching still in the Filter menu: Filter>Lighting Effects with the following ones co-ordinated: Style Default, Light Type Spotlight, Negative 50, Focus 88, Gloss -86, Material 100, Exposure -15, Ambience -17, None. Now, Your task is ready.

ef6f.gif (12839 bytes)

If you wish; starting from here; you can try to repeat the example below. It's really worth trying.

ef6h.gif (11607 bytes)

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