Photoshop Effects - Television

This is a different effect that you have always wished to make. In the traditional way it doesn't give you much work to make it. Here, I used the Testpic.jpg picture which is a native figure of the PhotoShop and I also cut it.

ef5a.gif (47477 bytes)

In the Window menu: Window>Show Channels. Now, click on small arrow in the upper right corner of the window and in New Channel. Soon, an Alpha 1 channel is created.

ef5b.gif (1656 bytes)

The window channel Alpha 1 already shows the color recently applied.

ef5c.gif (5712 bytes)

Now, create a new file. Go to the File menu: File>New, 20X0, 30 cm, divide it horizontally into (2) halves and paint one of the parts in black. You have just created two strings. Later, in the Image menu: Image>Image Size and configure it as in the example below.

ef5g.gif (14574 bytes)

Your file must look like the one below which has got two fine strings. Now, in the menu select: Select>All. In the Edit menu: Edit>Define the Pattern.

ef5f.gif (1193 bytes)

Select channel Alpha 1 and in the Edit menu: Edit>Fill in Use select the Pattern option. Click on Ok.

ef5h.gif (10392 bytes)

Channel Alpha 1 is already with the new fulfilling. Now, in the Select menu: select>Load Selection. Click on Ok. A selection has been loaded.

ef5d.gif (1786 bytes)

In the Channel window select channel RGB. In the tool bar select the Airbrush Tool and paint all the selected area in black color. Deselect it. So, your task must be quite similar to the example below.

ef5e.gif (27748 bytes)

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