Photoshop Effects - Plastic

This effect was developed to please the costumer. It was necessary to develop an effect that the plastic letters seemed to be inflated. It deserves to be taken into action. But, I leave it to whoever wishes to make it. It is not an effect for a PhotoShop beginner. I will try to teach it the easiest way as possible.

Create a new file RGB, in the File menu: File>New, 10X3 cm, Background Color. In the tool bar select Type Tool and type the word PhotoShop in block letters.

ef3a.gif (2610 bytes)

In the menu bar, click Window: Window>Show Channels. Select the Blue Channel and duplicate it clicking on the arrow on the right upper side of the window and on the Duplicate Channel. You will see its new channel as in the example below.

ef3b.gif (3540 bytes)

Keep the copy of the selected channel. Now, in the Filter menu: Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur with Radius of 2 and Click on Ok.

ef3c.gif (5675 bytes)

Still in the Filter menu: Filter>Stylize>Glowing Edges with the pattern of 3, 3 and 2.

ef3e.gif (7476 bytes)

In the Select menu: Select>Load Selection. In the Channels window, click on RGB. In the Layer menu: Layer>Type>Render. In the tool bar select the Airbrush Tool and paint the selection blue or use another color.

ef3g.gif (9360 bytes)

Now, in the Filter menu: Filter>Artistic>Plastic Wrap... in the menu. Filter still Filter>Render>Lighting Effects with the following pattern: Style Default, Light Type Spotlight, Intensity 100, Focus 69, glass 100, Material -100, exposure 0, ambience 50 Texture Channel Blue Copy, Height 50. The result must be the same or quite similar to the example bellow.

ef3d.gif (11857 bytes)

If you want to change the background in the Channels window delete the channel Blue Copy in the Layer menu: Layer>Flatten Image and in the Select menu: Select>Color Range with Fuzziness of 69. Click with the dropper on the white background to select it and with the Airbrush tool paint it in black. The result is seen on the example below.

ef3f.gif (11509 bytes)

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