Photoshop Effects - Text Ice

There are several ways to get this effect. I'm going to explain one of the easiest ways. Initiate a new File>New archive, 10X3 cm, mode Grayscale. In the Tool bar select Type Tool and type the words "PhotoShop 5.0"

ef16a.gif (2736 bytes)

In the tools menu select the tool Magic Wand Tool and click on the picture area which is in the black color. Thus the black color has been all selected, now.

Go to the Filter menu: to filter > Pixelate>Crystallize use 9 in Cell Size.

Now, invert the selection: Select>Inverse. In the Filter menu: Filter>Noise with Amount of 70. Still in the Filter menu: Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur with Radius 2.0, the result must be the same as the following.

ef16b.gif (6287 bytes)

Now, the most complicated one. We are going to justify the curves of the picture. Go to the Image menu: Image>Adjust>Curves. The window below will open. Try to draw a string similar to the one in the example.

ef16c.gif (14394 bytes)

Having applied the effect, deselect the text. Now Image>Rotate Canvas>90 CW. Go back to the Filter menu: Filter>Stylize>Wind, mark Distortion and From the Left. Transform the picture into RGB: Image.mode>RGB.

In the Image menu: Image>Adjuste>Hue>Saturation, the Color box must be activated. Try its several options. An effect quite similar to the ice has been applied.

ef16d.gif (9254 bytes)

Now in the Image menu; Image>Rotate Canvas>90 CCW and your task is ready.

ef16e.gif (11429 bytes)

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