Photoshop Effects - Text Fire

Initiate a new File>New archive, 10X3 cm and mark Background Color. In the Tool bar select the Type Tool and type the word "PhotoShop" with white letters.

ef15a.gif (2376 bytes)

Go to the Layer menu: Layer > Flatten Image. Now, in the Image menu: Image>Rotate Canvas > 90 CCW. Now, in the Filter menu: Filter>Stylize>Wind, mark Direction From the Left. Its picture will have to be this way.

ef15c.gif (5670 bytes)

Go to the Image menu: Image>Rotate Canvas>90 CW. In the Filter menu; Filter>Distort>Shear. Before applying the effect check all the possibilities of this filter. Still in Filter: Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur with radius of 1,5. Its effect will have to be as the example below.

ef15b.gif (9181 bytes)

In Image: Image: Image>Mode>Indexed Color. Still in Image: Image>Mode>Color Table, mark Black Body and apply. The fire effect is ready

ef15d.gif (10745 bytes)

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