Photoshop Effects - Text Contour 2

Now, we will create a text with contour and apply some effect. Initiate a new file RGB. In the File menu: File>New, 10X3 cm. In the Tool bar click on the Type Mask Tool and type the word PhotoShop. In Tracking mark -200.

ef14fb.gif (11651 bytes)

When marking -200 in Tracking your text is accumulated as it is in the example below.

ef14fa.gif (1653 bytes)

Now, in the Select menu: Select>Modify>Border and adjust in 1. In the Tool bar use the Standard Colors Icon to place the colors as in the example below.

ef14fe.gif (387 bytes)

Still in the tool bar, click twice on the Linear Tool Gradient to open its window. It will configure like the example below.

ef14fd.gif (3528 bytes)

Now, with the right button of the mouse pressed, move it from left to right onto the selected text. And the task is done. Please, note that the inner part of the text is transparent and this is a beautiful effect to be applied on a photo. For example.

ef14fc.gif (4337 bytes)

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