Photoshop Effects - Text Contour 1

Now, We are going to create a text in gradiente from yellow to red and with a wire around it. The wire will have a gradient effect opposite to the one of the text. It isn't difficult, is it? Well, it is not.

Start creating a new file RGB of 10X3 cm: File>New. Deep black color.

With the Type tool type a word using an embodied source. I used a Future one.

ef13a.gif (2642 bytes)

Go to the Select menu: Select>Load Selection>Ok. Now, in the Layer menu: Layer>Type>Render.

Go to the standard color icon. Mark the color of the front as yellow and the deep color as red.

Now, in the tool bar, click on the Linear Gradient Tool.

ef13c.gif (3437 bytes)

Set in the selection from the left to the right. The effect will be as the example below.

ef13b.gif (5322 bytes)

The selection must be activated. Now Select>Modify>Contract, mark 2 or 3 Pixels.

Still with the selected Linear tool Gradient apply the effect in the selected text from the right to the left. A fine string around the text will be created.

ef13d.gif (6109 bytes)

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