Photoshop Effects - Bevel Text

Start opening or creating a file of 10X3 cm texture.

ef12a.gif (26136 bytes)

Create a new channel, open this channel and type any text. We typed the word "PhotoShop".

ef12b.gif (4209 bytes)

Still in the new channel; with the text already applied (it does not deactivate the selection); go to the Filter menu: Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur, 3 Radius of and click on Ok. The effect will be quite similar to the one of the picture below.

ef12c.gif (4007 bytes)

Go to the Filter menu and apply Lighting Effects coordinated Lighting Effects with the following coordinates from the top: Omni, marks On, 14, 25, 0.15, 20, mark White is high, Alpha 1, 20.

The standard colors of the PhotoShop will have to be activated or at least the black color has to be the front color.

Invert the selection. Go to the menu Edit: Edit>fill, mark Foreground Color and click on Ok. The effect is ready.

ef12d.gif (8152 bytes)

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