Photoshop Effects - Text Shade

There are a lot of ways to get this effect. I'm going to explain one of the simplest ways to get it.

Using the standard colors of the PhotoShop start a new work in RGB in the suggested ratio of 10X3 cm File>New and mark the lines of direction. Click on the Type tool and type something like PhotoShop 5.0

ef11a.gif (2606 bytes)

Go to the Layer menu: Duplicate>Layer. Now, go to the Window menu and click in Layers Show and you will see your new layer.

ef11b.gif (3791 bytes)

Now in the Layer menu: Layer>Render Layer. In the Filter menu: Blur>Gaussian Blur, radius of 2.5 and apply the effect.

ef11c.gif (4907 bytes)

Go to the initial Layer, the one that has not suffered the effect. In the icon of the standard colors, change the front color for one of your preference. I've used the red color head.

In the menu Edit: Fill with marked color Foreground, normal mode and click on Ok.

Now, in the Layer: Arrange>Bring you the Front. So that, the red color comes to the front. Press the keyboard movement arrows and move the selection up to you in order to get the effect below.

ef11d.gif (7309 bytes)

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