Photoshop Effects - Button 2

The form of construction of this button is initiated as in the previous example. In the File menu: File>New, 2X2 cm and mark transparent. At the tool bar select the Rectangular Marquee Tool and click on it twice to open its window. The patterns are shown below.

efeito9a.gif (1929 bytes) 

Press and hold the right button of the Mouse to set the selection in the file, release the button only when you have finished. In case the selection sticks in one of the sides of the file, select normal mode in the box and move it into the center.

ef10a.gif (1175 bytes)

In the icon of the standard colors, choose a dark color for a front color and the lighter one for the back. I have chosen red and yellow, the same colors of the previous example.

efeito9g.gif (412 bytes)

In the icon of the standard colors, choose a dark color for the front color and a lighter one for the back. I've chosen the same colors used on the previous example, red and yellow.

In the Filter menu: Filter: Render>Clouds and applied Ok. The Cloud effect has been applied. Go to the Image menu: Image>Adjuste>levels... use the pattern below.

ef10b.gif (13685 bytes)

Here your effect is. Now, we are going to start to draw another form.

ef10c.gif (1792 bytes)

Now, in the Tool Bar, select the Polygonal Lasso Tool and draw something using it in the picture. I will make an arrow.

ef10d.gif (2103 bytes)

Is your selection ready? It was hard, wasn't it? Then, now press the Delete button and delete it. Relax! That’s it!

ef10e.gif (2148 bytes)


In the menu Select Select>desselect, still in Select: Select>Load Selection, now Select>Save Selection.

Go to the Window menu: Window>Show Channels and select the created channel (Alpha 1).

Go to the Filter menu: Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur, Radius 9. Don't cancel the selection.

We will apply the filter Lighting Effects now, to get relieved, Filter>Render>Lighting Effects with the following coordinates: Intensity 50, focus 0, Gloss 84, Material 84, Exposure 0, Ambience 0, Texture Channel Alpha 1, mark White is High, Height 53. I recommend that other patterns be tested before applying the effect and choose the one that pleases you the most.

With the selection on. Again Layer: Layer>Effects. Drop Shadow and mark the patterns below.

ef10g.gif (10737 bytes)

There is your own button. Now, in the File menu, save your task by exporting it as GIF 89.

ef10f.gif (4608 bytes)

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