Photoshop Effects - Burnt Paper

A very easy and fast way of making the burnt paper effect on the edges of a piece of paper. The trick is...

queimado1.gif (43182 bytes)

Open any file or create a picture. Click on the lasso tool so that it becomes activated. Move the lasso on the picture and create an area or a hole that at the end of the task it should seem to be burnt. The movement with the lasso must be quite slow, detailed and trembled. So that, the effect may seem to be the most realistic as possible. Move to the fast mask mode.

queimado2.gif (1194 bytes)

Go to Filter>Pixelate>Crystalize using the regulation 4. Change the mask to the normal mode. Now, Select>Save and fill it with white color the inner part of the picture. Then, Select>Modify>Expand and regulate it using 4. Just in case you want a bigger extremity increase the number. Go back to the previous mode of Fast Mask and Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur with the regulation 3. Return to the normal mode. Now, Select>Load Selection > mark Mode of Subtract.

Important. Now, Image>Adjust>Hue/Saturation. Mark Colorize, Hue 13, 30 Saturation and Lightness for -59.

queimado3.gif (12106 bytes)

If you wish, use a shade to enhance the burnt edge. This will make your task more beautiful


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